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News from my studio

Welcome All, I have lots of goodies on offer for you this month!

New for 2020 to all you lovely subscribers only are some special offers beginning with a discount code which entitles you to a 10% discount on everything in my online store, use this special code: 9E7SZ1AHVZ21

Wha? 10% off, is that all you get I hear you say. Tough crowd, so I'm also adding -and I love this- every month a specially discounted painting which I will choose from my available paintings at... 50% off!

Only available to subscribers and only for one month, when it gone, its gone- until the next month when a new painting will be up for grabs. The frame isn't included in this offer as my framer isn't feeling the love.

And, ( my English teacher taught me to never start a sentence with 'And' and never to put a comma after it, breakin' all the rules today ;-) it doesn't end there! I love this too!- Every month I will offer a painting for €100, those of you who visit Artsource every November will be familiar with this idea where I have a small painting-or two on offer for this bargain price. Often they are little studies for a larger painting or a series of colour studies where I paint the same scene capturing different light conditions. My framer isn't feeling the love on this on either, you can guess the rest.

I have a few 2020 calendars still available and here is January's €100 painting. 'Rain clouds over Poolbeg, study' €100, 20x20cm, frame not included.


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Use discount code: KDV478HBP57K.



January's 50% off special offer

Boy playing, 30x30cm unframed, €275. Normal price €550. Use discount code: E04GG4VR6D3F




Just off the easel, a preview of this month's new paintings





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