Provence or Dublin?


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A scene from Glasthule, Dublin on Bloomsday, a summers day like today! I'm often asked if paintings like these are French scenes, luckily the sun is shining and on a day like this, what is better than to soak up the warm rays outside with a glass of wine! 

If you like this, you might also like these paintings of French scenes. I love to visit Provence and try to go at least once a year, last summer on a painting trip, I was lucky to explore the beautiful gardens at St Remy de Provence where Van Gogh lived and worked for a number of years. This scene is from the garden which was once a hospital and is now a museum.

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That's me sitting amongst the poppies, taking it all in. Below are photos of Van Gogh's bedroom and the view from his window, in the distance, you can just see the little building depicted in my painting. 




From here he wrote to his brother Theo,

“I have a little room with grey-green paper with two water-green curtains with designs of very pale roses enlivened with thin lines of blood-red. These curtains, probably the leftovers of a ruined, deceased rich man, are very pretty in design. Probably from the same source comes a very worn armchair covered with a tapestry flecked in the manner of a Diaz or a Monticelli, red-brown, pink, creamy white, black, forget-me-not blue and bottle green. Through the iron-barred window I can make out a square of wheat in an enclosure, a perspective in the manner of Van Goyen, above which in the morning I see the sun rise in its glory.” 

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