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'Lunch at Cavistons'

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Original oil painting


Summertime, the sixteenth of June and it's Bloomsday in Dublin. This day is a celebration of the novel 'Ulysses' by Irish writer James Joyce. Traditionally people dress up like characters from the book in the style of era 1904. Are they eating the traditional liver and kidneys? Perhaps not, but they are definitely enjoying a day of wine, food and song, on a less than typical warm Irish summer's day, al fresco, naturellement!

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"Ulysses begins at about 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 16, 1904, in Dublin, Ireland, when one of its major participants, young Stephen Dedalus, awakens and interacts with his two housemates, the egotistical medical student, Buck Mulligan, and the overly reserved English student, Haines. The narrative ends some twenty-four hours later, when Stephen, having politely refused lodgings at the home of two other principal characters, Leopold and Molly Bloom, discovers he is no longer welcome to stay with Mulligan and Haines. During the sixteen hours of narrative time, the characters move through their day in Dublin, interacting with a stunning variety of individuals, most of whom are fictional but some of whom represent actual people'


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